Typically blue, Sapphires come in a rainbow of colors. When they are red they are called Rubies.  But they also come in green, white (clear), yellow, pink and the very rare orange/pink gem called Padparascha.  All of these beautiful colored stones fall into the category of corundum, and most of them come from countries surrounding the Indian Ocean, but they can be found around the world, including the western United States.

Cole only used natural sapphires. Even though synthetics have been produced since 1902, you won't find them in any of Cole's jewelry.  He goes to great extremes to be sure that his gems are natural.  He's even gone to a mine in Sri Lanka to buy them at the source. 

Sapphires are very hard and durable gems, suitable for everyday wear for a lifetime.  On the Mohs hardness scale they register 9, just after diamonds, that's why they are a traditional engagement ring stone.  With so many colors to choose from, certainly there is one to please you.  Sapphire is the birthstone for September.